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3 Ways You Can Preserve the Spirit of the Holidays Year-Round

There is nothing that compares to the magic of the holiday season. Even though it lasts only a short time, it is easy to evoke the spirit of the season throughout the entire year. Here are three of the best ways that you can recreate this magic at home regardless of the date on the calendar.

Watch Holiday Favorites

Watching holiday movies or television programs is one of the most common ways that many families enjoy time together during this special season. However, you should not feel limited to watching this special programming only during the month of December. Tobi explains, classic favorites such as “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Elf,” and “Miracle on 34th Street” can be enjoyed throughout the year. The messages of love and hope should not be contained to just the holidays. Purchasing these movies and programs can ensure that you can watch them whenever the mood strikes or when you need an emotional lift.

Use Scents

The power of scent has an uncanny way of evoking a host of memories. Holiday scents are especially powerful because of the strong emotions of family and togetherness that are attached to the familiar smells. Fortunately, you can create this mood in your home all year if you use the right scents. Scented candles can be an instant throwback and are an ideal way to cozy up with the feelings of the holidays regardless of the weather outside. doTERRA explains that certain essential oil blends can tap into the joy, happiness, and comfort associated with the holidays. Scent preference is a personal choice, so be sure to pick the smell that best conjures up the feelings of the season for you.

Holiday Music

There is never a wrong time to listen to holiday music. Cranking up some of your favorite seasonal music can stir your soul and warm your heart. Holiday music comes in a variety of genres from rock to pop to country, making it an accessible choice regardless of your musical preferences. Greeblehaus explains that there is holiday music for every mood, so it is easy to create the ambiance that you want just by sifting through your library of tunes.

It is easy to capture the magic and the joy of the holiday season all year if you are willing to ignore the date on the calendar. Your mood and your attitude will thank you!

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