Christmas Guys Chestnut of the Day- November 18, 2012

The Christmas Guys Chestnut of the Day~

In 1822, the postmaster of Washington, DC wrote “I don’t know what we’ll do if this keeps on”. He was complaining about the 16 mailmen he added at Christmas to handle the Christmas cards. He wanted the number of cards a person could send to be limited by law.


There are only 37 sleeps til Christmas morning!!!


Matthew was inspired to start the Christmas Guys after years of decorating not only his home but those of his family, friends and some neighbors. The dream of a Christmas light installation business came about while decorating in 2008. It wasn’t until the following year Matthew approached Michael, friend, business partner, and fellow decorating enthusiast, about the dream of a Christmas light installation business. Michael jumped on board and the dream and ideas grew from there. In the offseason, Matt enjoys his work as a business consultant helping other companies grow and increase their revenues.