Let There be Joy to the World Year Round!


Who can forget those words sung by the one and only Frank Sinatra? With his subdued tone he forever made those lyrics ring synonymous with the Christmas experience.

The Christmas guys are thrilled to bring you one of our favorite creations - four years in the making.

These two dimensional self standing displays have been meticulously designed as we have tirelessly worked on design and implantation to bring you a larger than life colorful experience that can fit just about any budget for just about any occasion. The Christmas Guys aren’t only about Christmas anymore. No! Our Beautiful hand crafted American made motifs are perfect for Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day, New Year's, and Halloween to speak of a few. Rest assured that our designs can accommodate a multitude of Holiday, Sporting events, Corporate events and many other activities.

Hey...you might just want to sport a cute dolphin motif on your front lawn because it reminds you that you just might not be the only intelligent creature on the planet while you hum to yourself “So long...and thanks for all the fiiiissshhh” (yeah we are talkin’ about you Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fans).


Why not decorate with these cute and festive designs that are perfect for any setting, reminding everyone of the spirit of hope, love, peace and togetherness!

There is an idea that you formed considering the key word of Christmas, but you are curious to know more. The holidays are approaching and you have been wishing for a miracle. 

We are those guys that bring miracles to children and adults even! During the holidays our intended goal is to uplift the spirits of others by manufacturing and distributing Holiday decorations and installations.




What Our Customers Have to Say

The Christmas Guys are simply amazing. Great people, incredibly talented and responsible, and their love for Christmas shows from miles away. No wonder every design and display of theirs is unique, dazzling and a must-have if you want to wow your visitors.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, Texas
I love The Christmas Guys. Their motifs are to die for. Just finished decorating my setting with their cute and embracive designs that remind you of the spirit of love and collaboration.
Keisha Hudson
From Miami, Florida
After years of buying Christmas ornaments from the local stores and having them blow out after a couple of days, I found The Christmas Guys. From the very first purchase a couple years back, I absolutely love them. I buy more each year and now my workplace is pretty joyful.
Frank Jones
From Visalia, California
I always get what I need with The Christmas Guys. They are extremely professional, their designs are unique and what's more, they are very friendly and ready to talk to us about every single detail to get our goal achieved.
Jack Brownn
From Chicago, Illinois

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