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Christmas Guys Fun Tip Friday #5

Well here we are in our 5th week of The Christmas Guys Fun Tip Friday! Get excited, I know I am. Today I will give you what may not seem like much of a Christmas light installation tip, but it will half way through putting up your Christmas lights. The tip is to layout your extension cords prior to putting up any Christmas lights. This will help you know what you are working with and where your power supply for your Christmas lights will start. This will also bring to light any difficulties of decorating that 3rd tree you want to do but don’t have enough extension cords. So before you begin you can decide to scrap Christmas decorating that 3rd tree or send someone to pick you up some additional lead cords for your Christmas light installation. Also if you have varying sizes of lead cords you can make sure you have the right length running to the right Christmas decoration before you have already placed it certain places to hide it from view. You can even draw yourself a little Christmas light installation map to help you out, I know we here at the Christmas Guys have and still do at times!

Christmas Guys Fun Tip Friday #4

Ho ho ho Christmasteers!?It’s time for another Fun Tip Friday post! And this tip is not really about Christmas light installation but about Christmas light take downs. Anyone who has ever done holiday decorations for more than a year understands the epic battle that happens between you and your tangled Christmas lights. We’ve all been there, you size up the tangle and think to yourself “I can do this in 2 minutes no problem,” then 3 hours later you loose your mind throw the Christmas light strand in the air and give up. Ahhh good times, good times.
One simple tip to avoid tangled Christmas lights is when you take them down put one or 2 strands of Christmas lights in a plastic grocery bag. If you have enough plastic bags go ahead and do one Christmas light strand per bag. This will at least prevent the strands from tangling with other strands so any tangles you may get should be fairly simple and easy to untangle. This is one very easy and simple task you can do to make next years Christmas light installation much more enjoyable!
Here is a song I’m sure most of you have heard and it’s actually part of our Christmas Guys yard signs you may have seen in Albany, Clifton Park, Wynantskill, Schenectady, Latham, Rexford, Slingerlands and the rest of the Capital region. Our sign says “Why are they blinking!?” in reference to the struggles all Christmas light installers know, be it professional decorators or the everyman. The Christmas Guys can take care of the #1 and #2 pains of Christmas just give us a call.


Christmas Guys Fun Tip Friday #3

Here we go again Christmasteers! It’s Matt the OG Christmas Guy again with another Friday Fun tip! I will continue with another tip about Christmas light installation today. This tip goes for any holiday decorating, including Halloween later this month. One of the most important things right up there with not rushing is the planning!
If you are decorating the exterior of your home then go outside before you ever even start untangling and testing last years lights! Get out there and look around. Look at the trees, bushes, shrubs, stairs, doors, garage, roof, pathways, fences, well covers and whatever else happens to be in your yard. Take a step back and picture what your entire Christmas light installation project will look like. Is there a main focal point you want the eyes drawn to? If so focus solely on that first and come up with a few ideas on different ways you can decorate it. If this is your main attraction it needs to be the best and most thought out area of your Christmas light display. Once you have a few ideas then think of how you can accent the main decoration with other things in your yard to brighten up your space and help add to the Christmas magic of your main attraction.
If you don’t have a main attraction then think of how you can decorate things so your home and property doesn’t appear too lopsided at night when those Christmas lights (or holiday lights) are the only thing people can see.
Planning ahead and having a solid few ideas swirling around your mind will make your Christmas light installation look better and go smoother once you finally figure out how many new lights you need to buy because you can’t untangle the old ones.
If you are decorating an interior planning ahead is also very important. Now some things are just natural due to family holiday traditions, like where to put the tree and mistletoe. Other than think through what you want. Maybe you saw some awesome garland decorating on Pinterest that you’re just dying to try out. Nice thick garland with lights around a stair case may look amazing but will it work in your home? Think will the garland when wrapped around the railing take up too much of the walking space causing your clothes or big winter jackets to constantly rub against or get caught on it? If so go with a thinner garland or scratch the idea in total. Is the garland going to have lights on it? Make sure you have somewhere not only to plug it in but where the cord won’t be laying right in your walk way just waiting for you midnight snack trip to make you stumble right down the stairs. Maybe you are thinking of live garland (great choice) it will look and smell so much like Christmas! But it will also start to dry out inside and start falling all over the place! If you want live garland inside the home make sure you don’t decorate too early so you don’t send your Christmas eve sweeping up needles instead of making memories with your family and friends.
In closing the Christmas Guys during your estimate will help walk you through these things if you don’t already know what you want.
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Christmas Guys Fun Tip Friday #2

Welcome to the second Fun Tip Friday with the professional Christmas light installer Matt. Today I wanted to share a way to make hanging your own Christmas lights much more enjoyable! And the tip may seem easy but it is one of the most important things to remember to make sure you enjoy your time decorating for Christmas with your family. The tip is don’t do it and let the Christmas Guys! haha ok kidding the real tip is make sure you have enough time and aren’t rushed!
This means if you have to be done by a certain time, whether you have an appointment, dinner reservations or a party to get to then don’t start decorating if you fell like you NEED to be done with your Christmas lights and decorations by a certain time. Working on a specific and limited time supply is a sure fire way to make sure you have plenty of arguments and won’t enjoy decorating in the slightest as it will be associated with all the arguing.
So take your time, don’t rush it. If you start and aren’t able to finish then don’t worry, everything will still be there the next day just waiting for you to Christmas Magicfy it so it may shine and show off in all it’s glory! It takes a lot of time to decorate for Christmas, especially if you only do it once a year. If you think it will take you 2 hours to do then plan on 6 hours to complete the job. You will enjoy it much more getting done before you thought rather than having it take 3 hours longer than you thought. So to be safe at least double the time you think it will take you to decorate your home for the holidays!
Or if you just want all the beauty and magic of Christmas lights and Christmas decorations with out the headache then just call the Christmas Guys.
Hope you have a great day Christmasteers!

Christmas Guys Fun Tip Friday #1

Well hey hey hey and ho ho ho Christmasteers! Matt here for my first Fun Tip Friday. From now through Christmas each Friday I will share one “fun tip” about Christmas or other Holiday things. This will range from the obvious Christmas Lights, Christmas light installation, Christmas lights in Albany, Christmas decor, Christmas games, and/or fun stuff to do in the winter. Some will be short some might be long so for the first Christmas Guys Fun Tip I will talk about Christmas light installation and zip ties and bread ties! During the Christmas season I don’t think there is ever a point where I don’t have bread ties on my person at all times and zip ties in the truck.
Zip ties and bread ties are an important element in Christmas lights installation because they help things stay nice and tight against whatever it is you are decorating. For example while doing a tree wrap on a thin branch a bread tie or zip tie is much better to use than actually trying to wrap a small thin branch. It guarantees the light strand will stay tight against the branch you want it to be! These ties are also great to use on stair cases, awkwardly shaped evergreen trees, garland placement, interior banister garland, etc. Basically almost anything you decorate for Christmas can benefit from the sneaky little plastic ties that are mainly out of view yet add some additional Christmas magic and that professional Christmas light installation look!