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Next question is will you overload my circuits and will it be a dangerous usage of my electricity? Yeah people asked just by everyone ask that, no we won’t. We know the lights we’re going to install but it all depends on LED vs regular which we’ve talked about all ready. But we do know the limits of your system we do ask that you do know your circuit breake. If you have it labeled so you know when you put you toaster on do you know does it also operate um you know when you’re outside boxes if you don’t if you don’t know we do we will figure that a lot for you for you know a little extra fee will go through we’ll figure out when you turn off this circuit what right it turns out or you can off you can call you feel free to call your electrician to before we come of course um well yeah we know the limits and we won’t push them hmm right and like we said earlier LED lights are going to use a lot less electricity therefore you can do three or four times three to four times as many strands of lights safely. So yeah I think that’s it that wraps it up for this little video here and I’m Matt I’m and we’re the Christmas guys and we hope to hear from you soon now www Christmas guy com or you can reach us at 518 XMS which is five one eight seven one two nine six two seven thanks for watching see you soon Merry Christmas.

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